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 How to post an image

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PostSubject: How to post an image   Sun May 01, 2011 1:31 am

How to post an image on the forum.

First, bring up the screen that you want to take a picture of.
Then press the button on your keyboard that says "Print Screen-SysRq".

Then you open a photo editor or picture drawing program, Microsoft paint will work fine.
Then press Paste.

Shrink the photo to desired size then save to somewhere were you can find it.

Open up your browser and go to Photobucket.com.
Sign up for an account.(you may have to verify your e-mail before uploading I can't remember if I did or not)
On the blue bar hit the green button that says upload now.
Hit the new green button that says Select photo's and video's.
Look for the picture you saved previously.
Then click Open it will start uploading.
After uploading scroll down and click the blue button that says Save and continue to my album.
Hover your mouse over the picture and go to the box that says IMG Code
Click in that box and the code for that image will be copied.
Then go to where you want to post it and Right click and paste it into the message.

By Jaymond

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How to post an image
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