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 The Complete Outpost Guide

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PostSubject: The Complete Outpost Guide   Sun May 01, 2011 1:33 am

OK if your new to the world map, Then this guide is for you. You will need to know a few things, first off... the wild Monsters are very difficult to take out if your not expecting a ton of mines or 6 laser towers... don't be shy to catapult them to soften them up first... big tip there, don't waist army after army to there booby traps...
if you have them unlocked the Teratorn's will be very helpful when taking out wild monsters. Especially the ones with a bunch of lasers.

Tip 2 - Here is how the prices will increase as you take outposts.
Outpost 1 - 2mil
Outpost 2 - 2mil
Outpost 3 - 2mil
Outpost 4 - 2mil
Outpost 5 - 2mil
Outpost 6 - 4mil
Outpost 7 - 6mil
Outpost 8 - 8mil
Outpost 9 - 10mil
Outpost 10 - 12mil
Outpost 11 - 14mil
Outpost 12 - 16mil
Outpost 13 - 18mil
Outpost 14 - 20mil
Outpost 15 - 22mil
And increases by 2 mil for every outpost added.

Note: If you recycle everything on an already developed outpost then the Starter kit screen will pop up again.

Here is an image of the starter kit screen.

The middle kit is the best option in most cases but if you can afford it then I suggest going with the mega kit.
If you have a lot of shiny or are not opposed to buying it, the mega kit is a BARGAIN at 800 shiny. The gold blocks alone cost that much. Then on top of that, you get all your towers at level 6, you get a pretty good OP design with mines & everything. The downside is that it takes about 24 or so hours for the towers to build out, so you have to buy an additional 24 hours of DP, or you'll be a sitting duck. The other issue is that your mega kit becomes quite a target that everyone wants to take from you.

If you are saving for a mega kit and don't want to leave your undeveloped outpost completely defenseless then here is a THDT design to use till you can buy it.

There are 5 mines in between each pathing line.
It isn't much but at least you know it has a fighting chance.

Need a good outpost design here are a couple.

This one is really catapult-able but other than that is a very strong design.

This one has low catapult-ability and has all defense focused on the TH.

I will add more good designs as I find them.

By Jaymond, Loki9991 and Flounder.

Level: 48
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The Complete Outpost Guide
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