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 Building stats Guide.

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PostSubject: Building stats Guide.   Sun May 01, 2011 1:35 am

Town Hall

This building is your first building and it is somewhat your more important one. It stores 10,000 resources and it can be upgraded. Each upgrade unlocks new buildings, it lets you build more of the buildings you have already unlocked, and it lets you upgrade your other buildings.


General Store

The General Store is a cheap building that can be built only once and can't be upgraded. It opens up the Store section of the game, which offers extras for Shiny. Shiny can be earned a little through quests, but are meant to be bought for real money.

Resource Gatherers

They have the same production rate, storage capacity and similar build times (different for level 1). The main difference is that production costs are a different mix of Pebbles and Twigs, which can be found here.

Storage Silo

Goods produced in the resource buildings can be stored in storage silos. These are necessary, since the Town Hall's storage is only 10,000. While resource gatherers do store resources first, this isn't counted and can not be used, until deposited into a Storage Silo.

Cannon and Sniper

Info to be added later.
Sniper-LV9 R:364 D:490

The Cannon tower is a tower that attacks with splash damage, making it hit multiple enemies simultaneously. It has relatively short reach and reloads fastest among towers. On the other hand, the Sniper tower is a tower that attacks a single enemy per shot. Their shot damage is relatively strong.

Laser and Tesla

The Tesla and Laser towers become available later in the game. They are more advanced towers but they require at least level 4 town hall to build.

The Tesla tower launches several electrical waves. Each wave can attack only one monster. After the attacked monster dies, it changes target, but wastes one or two waves when it changes its attacking target. It has long reach comparable with the Sniper tower. Then it reloads quite slowly.

The Laser tower launches a laser beam that damages multiple enemies and reloads quickly. However, the laser beam travels only a short range.

Aerial Defense Tower

Stats will be added later.

Monster Bunker

Monster bunkers allow players to defend their base by using the monsters they produce. Monsters in the bunker attack invaders within the bunker's reach. They don't occupy any housing space and cannot return to housing to be used for attacking. Putting monsters into a bunker costs putty. With shiny, monsters can be put into the bunker instantly.

Also, here is the table of price players cost to put their monsters in the bunker.

Block and Booby Traps

For further defense, blocks and booby traps can be built. Blocks can be upgraded from wood to stone to metal to gold. The blocks serve as a wall to delay enemies. Upgraded blocks are stronger, but more expensive. A booby trap is invisible to enemies and explodes when a monster walks over it, doing a large amount of splash damage (Direct damage 800 with explosion range 50-100).

Monster Locker

This building uses Putty to research monsters with which you can attack. Upgrading allows to research more advanced - and more expensive - creatures. When the locker is destroyed, the research stops, but the timer is not reset. One can only have one Monster Locker in his base at a time.


The Hatchery builds monsters at the cost of goo (the cost depends on what monster is being built), which are placed into Monster Housing. It is able to build several 'queues'. Each queue consists of only a kind of monsters up to 20. Upgrading it gives more slots to produce more queue of monsters.

Monster Housing

This building puts built monsters (from the Hatchery) into a pasture. Monsters have a certain size, so the number of monsters is limited.


After monsters have been built, they will wander around in their housing. In order to use them, they have to be catapulted into someone else's base. Bases can be seen using a Map Room, the catapulting (flinging) is done with a Flinger. Once in the enemy base, creatures will steal resources and destroy buildings. They can't return home, so then new ones have to be created in the Hatchery. When it is upgraded to level 2, players can control more than one yards by "conquering" wild monster's or other players' outposts. Outposts can be used to harvest resources and train monsters. Outposts get a short time of damage protections if players failed to destroy them in two attacks. However, outposts will get a longer protections when ownership of outposts changes or when other player returns to their destroyed Outpost.


The Flinger allows the player to 'fling' their monsters into battle. Upgrades allow more monsters to be flung at the same time. Players can fling monsters and catapult for 5 minutes and they can let their flung monsters attack the other players base 2 minutes more.

Monster Academy

This building is used for upgrade monsters. Upgraded monsters have better attack ability and/or more health points. Also, their production time in hatchery may be changed. Monster Locker of at least level 2 is required to build it. More level means players can upgrade monsters more. Currently, players can upgrade this building up to three levels.


A siege weapon that attacks other player's base using their own gathered twigs. Upgrading it increases its attacking ability by adding pebble bombs in your barrage. Further upgrade may allow players to fling putty to enhance the attacking ability of flung monsters. It requires a Map Room and a Flinger to build. The cost of resources in the below table indicates upgrading cost, not the total cost of building.

Level 4 Stats needed.

Also players can fling varying amount of twigs, pebbles and putty. Players can fling each resource once in a battle. Damage of twig misslies/pebble bombs depends on the building. For example, Storage silos are easily knocked down by twig missiles/pebble bombs.

Yard Planner

This building helps players by showing a birds-eye view of player's yard. Also, players can arrange their building more easily because it offers zoom-in ability and tall buildings do not disturb players sights. Yard planner also shows the range of towers in the base.

Monster Juicer

This building allows players to recycle 'unnecessary' monsters and retrieve some goo from removed monsters. It is useful for clearing space in the Monster Housing by sacrificing obsolete monsters. A Monster Housing is required to build it. It can extract more goo from recycled monsters when it is upgraded.

Hatchery Control Center

This building allow players to queue monsters. It finds available Hatcheries and give 'instructions' to them in accordance with the players' sequence of producing monsters. Players can fill up to seven queues.

Wild Monster Baiter

This building attracts wild monsters by releasing a luring musk. It allows players to safely test their bases' defensive ability. When the players think the wild monsters' attacks are too harsh for them, they can scare wild monsters away from their bases by sounding a siren. Upgrading it means it can attract more wild monsters by storing more luring musks. It takes some time to refill the Wild Monster Baiter's musks so players need to wait until the musk has refilled. If players need to refill musks instantly, they can buy Monster Musk in General store by paying some shiny. Initially, players can attract wild monsters from four directions (north, south, east, west) Level 3 upgrade also allows players to attract wild monsters from eight directions (by adding diagonal directions).

By Jaymond

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Building stats Guide.
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