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 The Empire Busting & OutPost Crushing Guide

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PostSubject: The Empire Busting & OutPost Crushing Guide   Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:54 pm

The Empire Busting & OutPost Crushing Guide

This guide is meant mainly for breaking empires by taking (and deleting Ops). Some of the stuff is pretty basic knowledge, but it always bears repeating. A lot of the stuff in here can be applied to regular neighbor issues as well.

1. The first (and most important) rule is that you should NEVER drive an OP into DP. You should ALWAYS level the OP in 1 or 2 waves at the most. There are several reasons for this such as bankrupting the opponent, bullying the opponent, giving yourself a margin of error, and allowing other UT to come behind you and take over the fallen OP if they desire.
2. Pay close attention to the OPs you’re intending to takeover. Make sure you’re not painting yourself or a fellow UT into a corner. Also, choose high end Ops to takeover, not “worthless” ones. This will break the opponent’s spirit much more quickly. Try to pick OPs that have a strategic significance as well.
3. If there is an OP that is just the TH building, NEVER take this over. It’s ok to attack it, but a waste of resources to take it over. It provides an easy farm for us, and a liability for the opponent.
4. If you’re low on res, you can still attack & level OPs. This will help to bankrupt an opponent, and make it easier for fellow members to take them over. Also, when it comes time for the enemy to attack someone, it gives them more targets and harder decisions.
5. When you have 5 or 6 OPs, you should be looking for a move to delete OPs. We don’t want to get into a tug of war over OPs. This is especially important when fighting a shiney buyer.
6. Ideally, you don’t want to let OPs that you’ve taken over to go out of DP. Once they do, or are in danger of that, you should look to delete them. Once again, we don’t want to play tug of war over OPs.
7. With a normal player, you want to leave them with about 8-10 Ops that you just constantly destroy. This will make it difficult for them to recapture any OPs from you, since the takeover costs will be around 10-14 million of each resource.
8. You generally want to leave their main base alone until the end (unless it’s harassing attacks such as destroying housing and upgrading buildings). It’s a waste of res, and does little to further the process until the end.
9. Once you’re down to 8-10 OPs, and ALL of them are destroyed, then you can level the main base. However, once again, you want to take your time, and do the job right. If you’ve not destroyed all the Silos & TH, but have given them 24-48 hours of DP, you’ve really helped them and hurt our efforts. The goal is to destroy everything to get the most res out of them as well as give them the option to move their main base for free.

General OP Takedown Strategies

1. You waves should be an entire attack wave. Generally, not just tower monsters or looters. You want to have about 6 eyera, 3 zafs, 53 ichis, 13 finks and I prefer Drull as a looter/tower killer. Feel free to adjust as needed to suit your playstyle.
2. Generally you always want to have your entire attack wave done, as well as having your second wave qued (with the longest build monsters already done) before you port in. Once you port in you want to scout OPs and select your target.
3. You have 14 minutes to level an OP (2 attacks @ 7 min each), so make the most of your time. Once you’ve cleared a portion of the OP, you can drop some finks behind you to start looting while your ichis are still clearing towers. Also, as long as you have monsters, you NEVER want to end an attack early. It’s not like attacking a main base, where you have plenty of attacks. Even if it’s only 1 or 2 ichis eating something, it’s less you’ll have to do on your next wave. Also, it gives you’re next wave time to build.
4. I usually bait the bunkers, and then eliminate the AA guns either with drull or 10-12 ichis each. Once AA are down, I drop 30 Ichis (or so) with a zaf right behind them. From there, I drop finks 1-2 at a time in clear areas, or on the perimeter to start leveling buildings. Also, if I haven’t done so yet, I bring in Drull to help with towers/RGs. Most Ops are pretty compact, so Zaf will sit in the center and heal everything inside.
5. If you’re the first one in, and are expected to port in others, it’s extremely important to get that first OP or two at all costs. That may mean dropping 60 ichis, 2 zafs and Drull all near the beginning. The thing is that even if your main base is destroyed while attacking, it has NO effect on that current attack. This is a big reason to level that OP in one wave.
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The Empire Busting & OutPost Crushing Guide
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