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 The basics of a standard 4 wave assault

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PostSubject: The basics of a standard 4 wave assault   Sun May 01, 2011 1:36 am

You can attack a players base 4 times in one hour as long as you don't trigger damage protection. After 4 attacks, the base gets one hour of DP.

Most traditional 4 wave attacks usually go like this:

Fill up your housing with your first wave of tower monsters. When they are all done, que up your second wave so that as soon as you launch your first wave, the second wave starts hatching.

First wave: Catapult twigs and pebbles at the tower(s) that pose the biggest threat. Usually the Lasers. Then send in a full wave of tower monsters. Catapult some putty on them and let them go. I prefer Crabs over Ichis for the first wave. When they are all dead. End attack.
Second Wave: Repeat the First wave tactic, but instead of Crabs, I use Ichis simply because they hatch faster. At the end of the 2nd wave, evaluate how many monsters you think it will take to destroy the rest of the towers on the third wave. If you think you can do it with less then a full wave of tower monsters, que up some looters.
Third Wave: Send in your tower monsters. Use your Catapult as before. AS SOON AS you kill the last tower...end attack. Most upgraded yards you can kill all the defensive towers without triggering Damage Protection as long as you weren't sloppy with the catapult. (BLOCKS DON"T COUNT TOWARDS DP) If you've hit a silo or damaged some other buildings.. you may want to consider sending in your looters (Many like Finks and Banditos cause they are cheap and quick to hatch) and get whatever loot you can. If they have a silo death trap. Send looters in one at a time to trigger any boobytraps so you don't waste your looters to one mine.
Forth Wave: If you didn't damage anything except towers, you should be able to completely flatten the base with your looting wave. Bolts and Brains loot more resources than "anything" monsters. Finks and Fangs do good damage but can't take more than one mine hit. Pokeys are good because you can make so many of them. Send them in smaller numbers from different angles so you don't lose them all to one trap.

That's the basics of a standard 4 wave assault. Expect to fail a few times before you get the hang of it.

By Crypt Keeper.

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The basics of a standard 4 wave assault
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