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 Learning Abbreviations for noobs

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PostSubject: Learning Abbreviations for noobs   Sun May 01, 2011 1:41 am

Learning Abbreviations for noobs

New to the forums? Heres all you need to learn.
BYM= Backyard Monsters
ODT= Outpost Death Trap. (Something like the SDT)
WMT= Wild Monster Tribes
WM= Wild Monsters/World Map
WMB= Wild Monster Baiter
UM= Universal Map
OP= Outposts. After destroying 90% of a base, you can take that base over, its called an Outpost.
NOOB= Commonly used to refer to a new player, or a player which doesn't know anything.
PX= Project X
PX10PR= Project X with 10 Million putty rage.
PPX= Project X with 10k/100k/5M/10M putty rage.
TH= Town Hall
Traps= Booby Traps.
RG= Resource Gatherer.
CF= Concentration of Firepower/ Concentrated Firepower.
Silo Death Trap= Arranging your traps to destroy any looting waves trying to loot your Silos.
Entrances= An opening for monsters to enter your base. (Best used at the strongest point of your base.)
Branching= Monsters split into two groups to make it easier to handle. (Done with placing a block at the end of your Entrance.)
DP= Damage Protection.[/B]
Layouts/STY Terms
Horseshoe= Says it all
Sandwich= My base. (Can be seen inside my signature.)
NEC= Never Ending Chain. Formed using useless buildings (E.G. Hatcheries, General Store ETC.) to create an outer layer of your base.
NECOD= Something like a NEC, No idea whats diff though.
NEPOH= Fixed base, now useless (LOL)
BDB= Big Dumb Bunch. All towers squeezed together, No places in between. Used to be the strongest layout until the catapult came in.
BBDB= Bigger/Better Big Dumb Bunch. A gap of a block is in between a tower in a BDB for
making it harder to catapult.
VBDB= V shaped BDB, i think.
Donut= A ring of towers that surrounds the TH.
Eye Of Sauron,(A.K.A EOS)= A bigger ring around the TH, But somehow has a CF than the Donut.
The Queue= Two towers together forming a line. Usually place with a General Store beside it to make it anti Catapultish.
The Barbie= EXTINCT
Ace Of Spades= An old layout of a BBDB but shaped like an ace.
Checkerboard= A layout which looks like a checkerboard, (EG Black squares are Towers and red squares are Factories.)
Advanced and Randoms
Zombie Ghosts= A group in this forums which uses invisible words.
Troll= People who talk about things that are unrelated to the main post. (E.G. The main post is ''Help my base'' and if someone comments on that post and says ''who love donuts?'', He is a troll. - ''Stop trolling and stop talking off topic!''
Ninja= Most hated people who steals the loot of someone who has taken out all the towers.
(E.G. John uses 3 attacks to take out the towers of Mary. John prepares Pokeys to loot Mary's base, But while producing Steve, Who happened to produce some monsters saw that the towers of Mary's have been all taken out, Went to attack Mary. When John produced all his monsters, He realised that Mary's yard is totally destroyed. Steve is now a stupid idiotic Ninja.) - ''Did you just steal the loot? Stop being a Ninja!''
Nuke= Referred to 10M pebble catapults, 2M pebble catapults, 5M twigs, 10M putty and 5M putty catapults.- ''Hey guess what I just nuked someone's silos! But i didn't get any loot....''
Bump= To make a thread alive again, Or make it reach to the first post in a certain section.-''Bump this old sleepy thread''
Blazingaa= Another word to ''bump'' a thread. - ''Blazingaa!''
Decor= Decorations.- ''How did you save 500 shiny to buy the Statue Of Liberty decor?''
Shiny= Perhaps the most valuable thing in Backyard Monsters. You can use it for almost anything in the game. - (Need not find a sentence, right?)
Acad= Academy.-''Upgrade your Acad and upgrade your monsters!''
MH= Monster Housings- ''Protect your MH or keep it under tower range to prevent n00bs!''
Book Of Dweeb= APR's Stories of BYM- ''Stop being a Dweeb!''
MB= Monster Bunker.
Cowbell= You need more CF. - ''Get more Cowbell!''
Spammer= Referred to a person double posting the same thing, or trolling multiple times.- ''Stop posting more than twice of the same post, spammer!''
Samurai= Gentlemanly Beings. (EG. A is attacking B. A used up 2 attacks to destroy some towers. C saw A working so hard and decided to help A, that he used some Ichis to help A destroy B. C used the 3rd wave, But after attacking he does not loot for A. A uses the 4th attack to loot B. C is now a Samurai.) - ''Meeee just met some Samurai! What a gnome!''
ADVS= Advertisers.- ''Oh mee gosh! Advertisements of p0rn!''
SS= Soul Stealing/Stealer- ''Don't click that link! Its a SS!''
IMBA= Unbalanced.- ''Your base is good? Nah, its IMBA-ed''
OP= Overpowered.- ''Your layout is so great!!! Too UP-ed!!''
UP= Underpowered.- ''Gee your base sucks the tower levels are so UP!''
ADT= Aerial defense tower
UT= The Undertakers - our alliance!
Zafs= Zafreetis
Octos= Octo-ooze
Pokey bomb= Flinging in a large group of pokeys, usualy with the purpose of farming or taking down an easy base
Crabs= Crabatrons
Cata-prone= A base that is easy to catapult
Tera-prone= A base that is vulnerable to teratorns
HCC= Hatchery control center
Hexes= The hexagonal tiles of the world map
Farm yard= A yard with no pathing, and the silos usualy placed on the edge with little protection. Resource gatherers are usualy highly protected. An easy base to loot.
AOI= Area of influence - the white hexes on the world map that are in your range
Eye-ra bait= Placing spaced out blocks around the edge of your base to make eye-ra's target those instead of your main walls
Shrooms= Mushrooms

By Radical on the CC forum.

Level: 48

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Learning Abbreviations for noobs
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