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 Defense Guide SDT, THDT, ODT

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PostSubject: Defense Guide SDT, THDT, ODT   Sun May 01, 2011 1:42 am

Defense Guide - SDT, THDT, ODT, Some Pathing help.

2nd Guide created - This is a guide on Silo Death Trap, Town Hall Death Trap, Outpost Death Trap and some Pathing help. Some basics of Pathing, Gearing a great SDT, Ceating a successful THDT, success for the ODT. ODT is for Level 7-8 TH Only, you need an outpost from L2 Map room. L2 Map room the new world to attack take over tribes and outpost's if you dont understand. Look at some Guides of outposts for help.

Silo Death Trap, the helpful.

Silo Death trap is when monsters path to Silo to Silo or Silo to town hall. (Silo to town hall = Mix of SDT and THDT) But Silo death trap means pathing silo to silo, hitting booby traps. It may not bne silo to silo, they may use rgs in the way for more pathing and failure looting waves/PPX waves/raids.

To start silo death, you need to make sure the pathing works. There are lots of kinds of SDT.

Ill list some of the ones I already know.

My own 5 Silo Death Trap lately used:

1 Silo Pathing death trap 99-100% working.

A Good 4 Silo Death Trap with TH involved, bunker replacement, 2 bunkers.

Theres 3 ways that you could do. And how you get SDT Better:

1. Need to have at least 15 traps. (15-40)
2. 90+ Blocks at least
3. Stone Blocks at least
4. To start off, Make sure the Pathing works, what you could do Uf theres pathing to the silo hitting traps, likegoing round blocks hitting traps for silos, 1 Thick wall = 10 blocks, 2 thick = 14, 3 thick = 17 4 thick = 23.
5. More SDT? SDT can be triggered by using some thick layers of Stone-Gold blocks with traps so monsters pathing. Thick layers. Like this.

Like that the thick layers make monsters path. So they hit lots of of booby traps for looting waves to not be right.

You need at least 2 thick metal-gold walls for the pathing to work. You can test the pathing with the baiter. It will work with maybe 2 thick Some on SDT (Like on the pic above, the silos have 1 layer top and bottom. They need to hit 88-100% traps for a good SDT.

Why we have SDT
So If you yard can be Destroyed By Project X + 10M Putty, when the putty wores out, hopefully at TH/Silos, they die from the traps. But again thick wall so better monsters path because remember the update:
Monsters have become more smarter
And SDT can also be used for the same method but a looting wave instead with brains/bolts for more loot.

Some people use D.A.V.ES and Project X and Fink for The looting wave, when they get the silos, make sure they hit all the traps so it has big damage. Coz 2 D.A.V.E can destroy every booby trap on your SDT. So dont rely on that too much, Rely on the pathing on towers and Anti-PPX so D.A.V.E/PX/Ichi/Fink/Pokey cant ruin SDT and destroy your silos.

By LanIdea on CC Forums.

Level: 48
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Defense Guide SDT, THDT, ODT
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