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 Guide to Countering Jumpers

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PostSubject: Guide to Countering Jumpers   Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:03 pm

This is my Guide to Countering Jumpers

This guide stays pretty much the same even after the 7 day jump waiting period, only you now have a much better chance of surviving a jumper attack.

Until now most people think it is not possible to counter jumpers from taking all of their enemies outposts.
I am not saying it will be easy to counter jumpers but there is a few ways to do it.
These are not perfect strategies but are the best strategies that exists and has worked in the past for my alliance.

What is a jumper?
Well, this is explained very thoroughly in this guide.

Their are 2 types of jumpers now:
Type 1: They jump in take a bunch of outposts and recycle.
Type 2: They wait it out for the long haul.

First Strategy
This strategy is for type 2 jumpers.
This strategy will only work with 1 jumper per every enemy jumper, on your side and a lot of knowledge about the game and a lot of time spent online by all defending parties.
For this strategy to work, you have to have defending jumpers jump in near the beginning of the invasion.

To prepare once under attack...
In the example I will use only 1 enemy jumper but the tactic is just repeated on a 1vs1 jumper basis.
You have had a jumper come into your empire and you need help because he has started taking your outposts.
First you need to know that you will lose a minimum of 1 outpost no matter what happens.
You need to invite a defending jumper into range of the enemy jumpers main base.
If you were being attacked by multiple jumpers you would need to invite more defenders in, losing more outposts in the process.
Or you can have your defending jumpers take outposts back from the enemy and use those to invite the needed amount of jumpers.
Then you want to hide all of your resources. Hide Twigs, Pebbles and Putty in tower upgrades, the higher the level the more you can hide.
Hide Putty in The monster academy and the Monster Lab. Hide Goo in your hatcheries.
This will keep them from getting a ton of your resources when they attack you and take your outposts.
Hide extra goo and twigs and pebbles in outposts far away from the area the jumpers are in.
Keep your bunkers filled with 2 D.A.V.E., 2 Eyera, and the rest banditos.
Note: Keep bunkers empty on the outposts you want free DP on. when they are in DP then fill the bunkers.
Make your outposts as much of a pain to take as you can.
Keep track of the time the jumpers jump in, and keep track of their actions.
If they attack your outposts right away, repair outposts as fast as they are damaged, this will help lower their resources fast while they gain nothing.
Attack their mains continuously to drain them of resources and keep them from being able to invite more jumpers.
Basically minimize your losses as much as you can.
On D-Day when time is almost up and they are close to being able to jump, have your defending jumpers put all your outposts in range of jumpers in 12 hour DP, this will prevent them from being able to take them at the last minute.

Let the defending commence
Once everyone is in place, the strategy can begin.
First thing you need to do as defending jumper is take down the enemy jumpers base and delay him from doing any further damage for the time being.
After you put him in DP be sure you know how long he will be in DP. Being a jumper it will probably only be around an hour seeing as that is the amount of time it takes for him to get his base back into working order. He probably won't stay in DP for the duration of it.
Next thing you should do is put as many friendly outposts as you can into DP that are with in the enemies 4x4 range. DP at 25% with 3 attacks.
After this is done be prepared to be retaliated upon by the enemy jumper at which point, who ever is able to should attack and put him into DP again.
Next farm all of the Wild Monsters in the area so the enemy cannot stock up again and keep resisting.
Then take all the outposts that the enemy has taken from the empire builder back and use them to keep the enemy leveled as you now have him surrounded by outposts most likely anyway if not use them as best you can anyway.

Final Objective
Keep the enemy leveled between all of you and make sure they do not gain any leverage and once you have taken all their resources with no hope of gaining more except through RG's, they should give up and recycle as they cannot jump and have no other option but stay and be leveled.
At this point decide if the original empire builder would like the remaining outposts back.
If they do stay until they can recover them.
If not jump at your leisure.

End Strategy One
This is not to be considered the end of the fight if you succeed in making the enemy recycle because they may be back to take revenge for their failed attempt at jumping.
You also may want to use your jumper team to clear out who ever let them in, in the first place as well.
If you do not know who let them in clear a buffer of 5-8 clear Hex's between you and anyone that is not your friend to make it a little more challenging next time and possibly give you warning time to let you know they are coming for you the next time.
By no means is this a perfect strategy and you might fail sometimes when trying it. But it does work sometimes so there is hope.

Second Strategy
This strategy is for type 1 jumpers.
Jump and lose all of your outposts. I know it sounds horrible but you will keep all of your empire points and the jumpers will not be able to take them.
And then you can either choose to keep jumping or continue building your empire points by building another empire.

Third Strategy (Bold parts apply to UT. Non-bold parts are for the general public. This guide was going to be public but then decided to keep it quite.)
This strategy is for either type of jumper.
Try to reason with the attackers. If you are not in an alliance or even if you are. Try and persuade them not to attack you.
If you are not in an alliance then ask if you can join their alliance so they will stop attacking you.
If you are in an alliance but are not loyal to your alliance, ask to join too.
Ask them why they have chosen you as a target and see if there is anything you can do to take the target off your back.

UT special
Leave the UT in game alliance and ask if you can join theirs, then act as a spy for UT if they let you.

What to do as a spy:
Tell us the names of all the members.
Try and see if you can get the locations of members that we do not have on our lists.
Try and get personally involved with their group and confuse information they may have on us.
If they have a FB group and Doc's with info on us, change the info slightly to make it wrong but not too noticeably wrong.
Do what you can from the inside to screw up their info and communication.
Try and make them fight among each other.

Let me know if you think of any improvements to make to these strategies, I am sure I forgot something.
I feel like I didn't say everything I wanted to say, but I can't think of anything. lol
Credits to my Undertaker strike team for helping me think of these.

Level: 48

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Countering Jumpers   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:15 am

A couple things I would add, is that PREVENTION is EVERYTHING! Nothing is going to stop a determined group of jumpers who want to take down "The Undertakers". But to the casual jumper, here are some things you can do to deter them:

ALWAYS hide as much res as you can. If someone takes an Outpost and gets a good payoff, they'll take more.

Always stay up to date on harvesting your resource gatherers. Inactive OPs are a magnet to people starving for resources.

Worry about defenses BEFORE you upgrade resource gatherers. You need Anti-Aircraft, at least level 2 bunkers (pref. lvl 3), bunkers that are full, and traps.

If you have an OP that is a goo bank, fill the housing with ichis first. When I see DAVEs in the housing, it's a target in my eyes.

Variety. Try to do different layouts, etc. with your OPs. If I can take one, I can take them all. Make them different. Challenge me.

Respond to mail. Someone may be testing you to see if you active. Tray to establish a rapport so they move on.

When building your empire, spread it out. The more it's clustered, the faster it will fall.

The main thing with jumpers, is you want to slow them down. The more you slow them down, the better chance they'll move onto a new target, or you can get someone to help you defend your empire.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Countering Jumpers   Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:53 pm

A couple things I can suggest:

Your OPs should have quite a bit of eye-ra bait and be a well thought out BDB if your towers are high level. Protect your ADTs as much as possible, and they will have to use large amounts of resources. The BDB should prevent Zaf+ichi and if the towers are high level, they will have to use 5m/10m shots or a lot of goo meaning they won't have enough resources to keep attacking and taking over.

I think getting someone to put your own OPs in DP is the best strategy.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Countering Jumpers   Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:35 pm

Another thing to add:

If by some stroke of luck you're on when the first jumper comes in, you need to destroy his housing ASAP at any cost. It's important to destroy JUST the housing and not put them in DP. If you put them in DP, you've already lost the battle. Destroying the housing will keep it a 1 vs. 1 battle and maybe give you the time you'll need to get some help. If there's more than one, alternate doing this between the jumpers.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Countering Jumpers   

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Guide to Countering Jumpers
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