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 Complete Shiny Guide

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PostSubject: Complete Shiny Guide    Sun May 01, 2011 1:53 am

Shiny is the currency of the Backyard and pays for the development of the game as well as the hosting.
You can buy it via Paypal or by completing offers (some free, some not)

How to get free shiny

At the start of the game, there will be a tutorial to ask you to build a general store.
Reward:1000 Shiny

Under the good section, there is 3 quest to get free shiny.
1st quest(Friendly Monster): 25 Shiny
2nd quest(Band of monsters): 45 Shiny
3rd quest(Monster party): 65 Shiny
4th quest(Fan-Tastic):50 Shiny
Total: 185 Shiny

Mushrooms will grow on your yard automatically everyday unless if reach the max number of mushrooms that can grow.You need 1 available worker to pick a mushroom.You take about 2-3 seconds to pick each mushroom.Some mushrooms contains shiny will some do not contain anything.

At the start of the game, there is about 20+ mushrooms on your yard.If you pick all the mushrooms, you can get about 100 shiny if you are lucky.

After that, you will get mushrooms in your yard everyday.Remember to collect mushrooms everyday to get free shiny.

If you live in Philippines, you will not get any mushrooms in your yard.
Which means that there is no other legal ways to get free shiny other than quest, tutorial, offers and receiving shiny from your friends.

Gift Shiny
If your friend is rich, ask him to gift you some shiny.You can do that by clicking the link Gift Shiny between get more shiny and leaderboard

Complete offers
Click on the Get More Shiny on top then scroll down the page and click on the Free section.If you live somewhere around america, then you may see lots of offers but if you live in some alien country, you may not see any offers.(i live in singapore and there is only 1 offer)

If you see things like 100+ mushrooms in your yard or something like that, report it in the bug section.If you abused the glitch quietly, you are violating the rules and you may get ban.


What you can buy with shiny

Workers are used to build buildings and upgrade buildings*.You can buy max up to 5 workers.
When you start playing this game, you get 1 worker for free. Then, there will be a tutorial forcing you to buy a worker.i strongly recommended to buy 3 workers before continuing the game.

1st worker:Free
2nd worker:250 Shiny
3rd worker:500 Shiny
4th worker:1000 Shiny
5th worker: 2000 Shiny
*(Building means TH,Silo,towers,rg,monster locker, hatchery, general store, hcc, mb,monster acad,housing,flinger,map,cata,wmb,yp,mj,booby,wall )

Sharper Tools
All upgrades get 20% upgraded 1st when you buy it.Your workers also gets to wear a construction helmet.You have to wait for 7 days before you can buy it again.
Cost:225 Shiny
I used it once and never dare to use it again.I recommend you not to buy it unless you are rich or something.
Would work great if it works over on outposts as well, which i assume it would.
Could be VERY worth while with 3 workers doing 3-4 day upgrades, they might save a day per worker with the upgrade.

Increase you yard size by 10%.You can buy it up to 5 times
1st time:50 Shiny
2nd time:100 shiny
3rd time:150 shiny
4th time:200 shiny
5th time:250 shiny
I recommend you to buy it a few times because you will build more buildings, wall and booby traps at higher level.

You can buy twigs, pebble, putty, goo.You can buy 10%/50% of your total capacity of resources.You can also fill it up to 100% capacity.
I do not recommend you to buy any resources as you can gain resource from resource gatherers, attacking other people, ninja, free gift. At higher level, you can farm kozu for resources.

Resource Overdrive
Speeds up your RG's by 2x the normal speed.
If you are all out of options I recommend buying this because it is cheaper than buying the resources out right.

Used to attract wild monster.You can only fill it to the max.Wild Monster Baiter required.
I never bought any musk before and you should NEVER buy musk too.

Improved Packing Skill
Under the Resource section in store, click the 5 on the bottom of the page.Increase capacity of all resources by 10%. You can purchase up to 10 times only.
1st:50 Shiny
2nd:100 Shiny
3rd:150 Shiny
4th:200 Shiny
5th:250 Shiny
6th:300 Shiny
7th:350 Shiny
8th:400 Shiny
9th:450 Shiny
10th:500 Shiny
Never bought it before. You may want to buy it if you have extra shiny.Disadvantage:The more resources you have, the more resources people can loot if they destroy your yard.
It doesn't add to outposts, but still worth a few buys just so you can store more to move your main yard. etc

Speed Up

Speed up repair,building and upgrading.
Use it only when you have extra shiny.

speed up the monster production time.You can buy 4x / 6x / 10x overdrive for 1 hour.
4x:30 Shiny
6x:50 Shiny
10x:100 Shiny
You can use it when you are in a hurry or when you want to decrease the chance of getting ninja.I recommend you to buy this when necessary.

People cannot attack you when you are in protection.You can buy 1 day/7 days/28 days.Removed if you attack someone
1 day:25 Shiny cooldown:5 days
7 days:175 shiny cooldown:14 days
28 days:700 shiny cooldown:28 days
Never bought it before.Buy it when you are tired of getting attack by people.Do not attack someone if you bought it.

Monsters can be fling on top of decorations. You can store decorations in storage. Decoration has no other use.

Bunker Monster
You can now buy monsters in bunkers with shiny.
Octo-ooze: 2 Shiny
Ichi: 5 Shiny
Fang: 12 Shiny
Crabatron: 14 Shiny
Eye-ra: 16 Shiny
Dave: 65 Shiny
Try not to buy any of these unless you are rich.

What to buy
When you get your 1000 Shiny, you will be wondering what is the best thing to buy.
1st: 3 workers
2nd: 2 Yard size
Nothing more.

Extra Shiny
When you collected lots of mushrooms, you will have many shiny and start to think what to buy.
1st: 4th worker (You may want to save up to 1000 Shiny and buy another worker.)
2nd: Extra yard (If you have not enough yard, you may want to buy an even larger yard.
3rd: Overdrive (At higher level, you will need to produce monsters that uses 10-25 minutes so you may want to buy overdrive.)
4th: Protection (If someone catapult your upgrading building everyday and making it impossible for you to upgrade, you may want to buy protection so that they cannot attack you and disrupt your upgrade.Make sure you do not attack anyone besides monster tribe when you are in Protection.)
5th: Packing Skill (You can buy this to get more capacity.But if your yard get destroyed, more resources will be looted.)

Guide brought to you by appleplusy on the CC forums. Add-ons:Bossy Don

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Complete Shiny Guide
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